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Dear friends, partners, and students.

VIC-CC VIRTUAL: Bringing your career courses home. At VIC-CC, the health of our students and staff is paramount. In March 2020, due to COVID-19, all of our career courses moved online and students were continuously taught by the same instructors, virtually. In June/July 2020, VIC-CC completed all safety protocols and procedures and prepared the campus for a safe return, and as of August 13th, 2020 all programs have gradually returned to regular classes on campus.


Your Team from VIC-CC Vancouver International College – Career Campus

                                                                                                                   June 7, 2020

Dear students:

At Sprott Shaw Language College (SSLC) and Vancouver International College – Career Campus (VIC-CC), the safety of our students, employees, and guests is our top priority. Our students don’t have to choose between their health and education; with the COVID-19 onset, SSLC/VIC-CC introduced Virtual Classrooms so students can focus on what is important without safety concerns.

We are working in consultation with SSLC’s Joint Health and Safety Committee and our sister school, Sprott Shaw College (SSC), to ensure a safe reopening while also maintaining some virtual classes for students who can only attend online.

SSLC/VIC-CC has planned our campus reopening and program offerings as follows:

1. Campus Reopening Dates:

  • SSLC Vancouver Campus (BC):           July 6, 2020
  • SSLC Victoria Campus (BC):                  July 6, 2020
  • VIC Career Campus (BC):                       July 6, 2020
  • SSLC Toronto Campus (ON):                  August/September 2020*
    * or based on Public Health Recommendations
2. Program Offerings:
As campuses reopen, SSLC/VIC-CC will move some programs back to campus, but we will also continue to offer some virtual programs for students who are unable or do not want to attend on-site. In summary, we will offer:
  • The same excellent on-site program offerings from before COVID-19 onset
  • Numerous Virtual Program options
  • Exciting new Virtual ESL Program with National Geographic; more information coming soon.
3. Continuing Students (Already in Canada) for July/August 2020:
Students currently in Canada, who are attending our Virtual Programs, have several options:
  • Attend classes on campus, effective July 6 in BC (for certain program only)
  • Continue your Virtual Class in BC or Ontario (for certain programs only in BC)
  • Attend our Toronto Virtual ESL Program (EST time zone)
  • Attend a New Virtual ESL Program using National Geographic curriculum

Students and Agents should speak to an SSLC/VIC-CC Advisor to choose the best option. Students returning to campus will be informed of new safety rules and procedures.

4.  New Students (Arriving in Canada in June/July/August):
While the 2-week self-isolation period for international arrivals is in place, students going through the 2-week self-isolation period can take Virtual Classes for free, using our new Virtual ESL National Geographic curriculum, or attend our Toronto Virtual ESL Program (EST time zone). They will get an automatic 2-week extension.

5. New Students Unable to Travel in June/July/August:

  • Students from countries with imposed travel restrictions from their home country or by Canadian government cannot enter Canada and cannot attend on-site classes, but they can attend our Virtual Programs or new Virtual ESL with National Geographic curriculum.
  • Once travel restrictions are removed, SSLC/VIC-CC will follow federal/provincial governments’ guidelines regarding self-isolation requirements, and support students choosing to safely attend our campuses.
6. SSLC 2020 new Virtual Teen Summer Programs:
  • SSLC is offering our new SSLC Virtual Teen Summer Camp in 2 time zones! Click here to see our flyers. 
    Our Toronto program focuses on General English, while the Vancouver program focuses on Academic English for  High School Students.
    Don’t let COVID-19 stop your students from learning English this summer!
  • Due to COVID-19, the following on-site programs have been cancelled for Summer 2020: SSLC Global Leaders Summer Camp 2020 (Vancouver), SSLC Summer Fun (Toronto, Victoria),  SSLC Good Time Summer (Vancouver), and English for Children & Families [ECF] (Vancouver): 
  • Postponements to Summer 2021 with 2020 price guarantee are offered to all registered students. 
  • Please speak with an SSLC/VIC-CC Advisor to discuss options, including our Virtual Summer Camp, Virtual ESL, or other virtual and online classes.
7. Potential Changes in Government Regulations:
We are tracking any changes in guidelines and protocols from federal/provincial governments. We will update you as the situation evolves, especially regarding the following:
  • Changes to end date of Canada’s current border restrictions
  • Provincial/federal government-imposed requirements limiting international arrivals and affecting self-isolation rules
  • Advisories and recommendations from our regulatory and accreditation bodies
  • Study permit requirements: IRCC amended required conditions due to the closure of visa offices around the world. For more details, please go to for the most updated information, or speak with your immigration consultant
8. Health & Safety Measures:
We have created and are constantly updating our plan to protect the health and safety of our students, employees, and guests, by following the federal/provincial guidelines. We adjust our plans as government recommendations change. These plans include, and are not limited to:
  • Contact-tracing measures for all visitors, staff and students
  • Classroom and campus capacity based on physical distancing requirements
  • Increased signage for appropriate spacing and traffic flow
  • Enhanced cleaning and monitoring at all entrances/exits/elevators
  • Staggered break times
  • Access to hand sanitizers and cleaning products throughout campuses
  • Reduced use of lounges and kitchens
  • Masks for all students and employees
  •  Thermometers at reception areas

9. Medical Insurance:  
Students are expected to have medical insurance covering the duration of their stay in Canada. We recommend that students ensure their insurance covers COVID-19 and related illnesses, and that they purchase coverage prior to arrival in Canada.  SSLC/VIC-CC work with GuardMe and students can also purchase through us.

10. Homestay:  
SSLC Campuses in BC and in Ontario are working together with homestay families, who are accepting students who need to follow the mandatory 14-day self-isolation upon arrival.
SSLC Vancouver is also working closely with GEC and their various student housing locations in Metro Vancouver to provide rooms for self-isolation. Please contact us for Homestay or Residence questions.

11. Thank You:

 SSLC/VIC-CC would like to thank you for your heartfelt support and continued relationship with our campuses through the recent, ongoing, unprecedented and challenging situation. We understand that each one of us has been seriously affected by the crisis. However, staying in touch with you throughout this time has provided us with a great sense of hope and encouragement to move forward and to bravely continue into the “new normal”.

 We are looking forward to seeing you in Canada ( or in the cloud).


Your Team from SSLC Sprott Shaw Language College and
Your Team from VIC-CC Vancouver International College – Career Campus

  May 4, 2020

Dear friends, partners, and students.

BC and Ontario residents are still being asked to practice social distancing, and the current State of Emergency has been extended in both provinces for at least 2 more weeks to May 15th.

We will update everyone as soon as we have new information from our Governments.

NEW: May 25th: EPE Virtual “Evening” Program starting at 5 PM PDT to accommodate a growing demand for an evening class.

FREE TRIAL Classes: Please contact us if you are interested in a free trial class at any campus for any program. We offer 1-week free trial classes for almost all programs.

Contact us for more info, or how to access our free trial classes.

Self Isolation plan: All students who are arriving to Canada, and starting our virtual classes, please note that self-isolation is still mandatory for 14 days. We can help you settle into one of our GEC Residences, (in Vancouver), or into a Homestay. Please contact us.

Register with confidence! We are part of the CIBT Education Group. 

SSLC, VIC (Career Campus), SSC (Sprott Shaw College) and GEC Residences.

CIBT Named One of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies 2020 by Financial Times

Vancouver, BC, May 4, 2020 – CIBT Education Group Inc. (TSX: MBA, OTCQX International: MBAIF) (“CIBT” or the “Company”) is pleased to report that the Company was ranked number 372 among America’s Top 500 Fastest-Growing Companies 2020 by the Financial Times. The ranking included companies from across the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America, including Brazil and Colombia. This prestigious ranking comes at an unprecedented time for many companies yet highlights the innovation and creativity these 500 businesses possess, enabling them to thrive within their respective sectors.


SSLC Management

  April 18, 2020

Dear friends, partners, and students.

Our teachers and students have comfortably settled into their daily routine of meeting in their respective virtual classrooms. We keep getting positive feedback from students telling us that they are very appreciative of all the efforts undertaken by their teachers and SSLC.

As social distancing measurements continue, as required by our Canadian Government and Local Health Authorities, our mental health is as equally as important as our daily physical exercise. At SSLC besides Zumba, we also introduced twice a week Yoga, to help calm and relax body and mind.

The BC government has introduced a program that is accessible to all BC students called Here2Talk. Chat sessions with a trained counsellor can be accessed by downloading the Here2Talk app or visiting:

Students can speak to a counsellor by phone, toll-free at 1 877 857-3397 or direct 604 642-5212. Students calling from outside Canada can dial 1 604 642-5212 (international calling charges may apply).

As always, we also encourage all students to reach out to their advisors, or to our academic staff with any concern.

NEW! EPE Academic Pathway ESL Scholarships

Available to qualified students seeking admission to University or College this fall semester. Please contact us for more information and how you can qualify for a scholarship.


SSLC Management

  March 26, 2020


Dear Friends, partners, and students.

SSLC and VIC appreciate your understanding and patience at this challenging time.

We would like to provide you with a brief school update.

· As of March 23rd, all our classes at SSLC and the VIC Career Campus are being delivered online. Some programs started online delivery as early as March 18.

· SSLC and VIC/VICCC use Zoom, Google Classroom, Google Sheets, and Padlet to deliver classes online.

· Our teachers received extensive hands-on training, tutorials and extra support to transition to online teaching, to ensure that our students receive the same quality of teaching and attention as they would in a traditional classroom.

· Kudos to VIC Career and the TESOL department head and students for holding their first virtual science fair on March 26, 2020

Student support

· All our students at all campuses have the email or phone number of our marketers or advisers, who are also in contact with our students through Whatsapp groups or e.g Edmodo.

· After this first week of adjustment with online learning and social ”physical ” distancing SSLC is focusing on plans to connect students “after ” regular classes.

· We are offering free Zumba classes, Coffee Chats, Quiz shows or just socializing with friends, all ONLINE and more information to be provided next week.

Government Update on March 26, 2020 

· As announced on March 20, 2020, international students who hold a valid study permit or had been approved for a study permit when the travel restrictions took effect on March 18, 2020, will be able to travel to Canada by air or land. They will be exempt from air travel and border restrictions. This exemption is to accommodate students who are in the middle of their course of study or who have just been approved to study in Canada but were outside Canada when the travel restrictions took effect.

· Like all travellers, including Canadian citizens and permanent residents, international students who are exempt from air travel restrictions will undergo the necessary health checks and must isolate for 14 days upon arrival in Canada.

SSLC may have a limited amount of Homestay families willing to accept students for self-isolation. Please contact us for more information. Our sister company GEC Residences, also has a limited number of “private” rooms dedicated for students who need to self isolate upon arrival to Canada.

Tuition fee freeze 2021

· SSLC and VIC Career schools are freezing all tuition, homestay and service fees for 2021.

· We are also offering special promotions for students. Please contact your regional marketer for more information.

We are closely following the Canadian Federal and Provincial authorities’ regulations and guidelines pertaining to Covid 19.

We will inform you of any further updates as the situation develops.


SSLC and VIC-CC Management

March 15, 2020

Dear Partners,

SSLC and VIC-CC would like to ensure the safety and health of our students and staff during the COVID-19 outbreak. In accordance with this, we will temporarily be closing SSLC Vancouver, Toronto and Victoria campuses from Tuesday, March 17 as a preventative step.

Students arriving at school on Monday will be informed about our plan and new students will have testing and orientation. There will be no further classes this week from March 17 to 20, 2020 as SSLC transitions to online learning. Students in certain programs may be contacted by their Instructor or Advisor if it is possible to start online classes at some point this week.

Online lessons for all programs will run from March 23 to 27, 2020 and we will advise students if this date would be extended. Students will be emailed with instructions on how to access their classes online. Students can also contact the school and their advisor for assistance throughout this period.

We would like to extend our appreciation for your cooperation, flexibility and understanding. Our focus remains on the health and safety of our students and staff. Our team is closely monitoring the developments and will provide further updates as needed, and as informed by our federal and provincial authorities.


SSLC and VIC-CC Management

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